Sync-Up with SynMed : Your Working Partner in Pharmacy Workflow

Most independent pharmacists will tell you there are just not enough hours in the day. The pressure of needing to do two or more things at once—especially as it relates to packaging prescriptions—rarely subsides for long. But when it does, inevitably, so comes the thought that there must be a better way.

For more than a decade, Synergy Medical has shown the will to find it.

Since our inception, we’ve worked to help pharmacists streamline operations using robotic technology in place of manual production. Over the years, hundreds of SynMed units have been installed across North America, as well as in UK and Europe, serving more than 500 pharmacies in 7 countries and impacting over 400,000 lives.

Breakthroughs in automated multi-dose, blister-card prescription packaging

A SynMed robot does not tire, make mistakes in concentration, or run up labour costs.   More importantly, our automated dispensing systems support medication therapy management (MTM) efforts by easily adapting and interchanging among single-dose (bingo card) and multi-dose blister pack configurations.  A solution that is customizable when organizing meds by day and administration time (morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime). 

A typical card has 28 individual blisters—seven rows by four columns—each row and column color-coded to represent a day of the week and specific dosing time, respectively.

That makes it easy for patients to see, at a glance, whether or not they took their medications as directed, eliminating doubled-up or missed doses.  Better yet, pharmacists receive inherent control over synching meds for convenient monthly pick-up, providing added safeguards for accuracy at the front counter.    

Your success “in sync” with ours

Statistics show that a single customer who signs up for a med sync program (like those supported by SynMed pharmacy automation technology) can bring in as many as 20 additional prescription refill orders per year on average. That represents exponential growth in annual revenue of $90,000 for every 100 enrollees!

From a word-of-mouth perspective, each new patient that comes on board with around seven monthly prescriptions can equate to more than $5,000 in annual revenue alone.

Notably, there’s also a corresponding increase on the retention side of the equation, with 83 percent of end-users saying that med sync programs are very or even extremely helpful in managing refills. Best of all, customers enrolled in a synchronization program are 10 percent more likely to be highly satisfied with their chosen pharmacy.

Peace of mind, just in time

At Synergy, our specialized teams of engineers are continuously working to keep our automated systems at the forefront of technology. We take pride in the relationships we’ve developed and believe strongly in the unique value that our pharmacy partners bring to their communities. 

Even now, as COVID-19 infection rates continue to spike in both rural and urban areas, patient needs are continuing to change. As patient needs often magnify with every changing season it is fair to say we do not.  As an Independent Pharmacy Owner, we understand your challenges and have the scalable solution to make it through this year and all the years to come.

No one can predict what the next set of challenges will be. But, everyone can prepare.

SynMed can help you start.