Leadership Team

Samantha Cockburn, B.Sc., MBA


Samantha joined the SynMed team in 2016.

With 15 years of experience within the pharmacy industry, she represents the SynMed business in aligning with the broader objectives of Parata and Becton Dickinson (BD). She ensures that things run smoothly at the SynMed site, and is responsible for the commercial, marketing and product development strategy to meet our customers’ needs. 

Hailing Synergy Medical as a “dynamic environment” with a “fantastic team”, she leads with integrity, respect, and kindness. 

Samantha has been based in Montreal for most of her career but is originally from the U.K. She embodies the adage that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, which she applies to both work and pleasure. She thoroughly enjoys what she does, as well as travelling, cottaging, skiing, and meeting interesting people.

Abdou Chalah, B.Eng.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Abdou joined SynMed® as an engineer over ten years ago and directs our Technical Support Teams and R&D efforts.  Brilliant and creative, he is very dedicated to Synergy and enjoys making a positive impact on people’s health through his work. He believes in following through on commitments and respecting others, and in his free time enjoys music, fishing and playing volleyball and soccer.

Don Chandler, B.Eng.

Don has worked in high tech production and engineering environments for over 30 years, and joined the SynMed team in 2016. In this role, Don oversaw the modernizing of our production processes and a transition to lean manufacturing.  He enjoys both the people and cutting-edge technology at Synergy Medical. Don is a straight-talking, honest leader who cares for a stable of horses in his free time.