Producing blister cards with a SynMed system

 Automating your pharmacy and producing blister cards with SynMed means:

  • Reduce the workload of your technicians;
  • Save time while reducing errors;
  • Focus on building relationships with patients.

It is also a way to provide patients with safe and personalized medication administration tools.

1. Mitigating the Lack of Manpower

The labour shortage in pharmacies remains a hot topic. Pharmacies are overworked, understaffed and therefore less able to get closer to their patients.  These problems are leading to burnout among health professionals, while the demand for medicines is bound to increase as the population ages.


At Synergy Medical, we are convinced that pharmacy automation is the most effective way to solve this problem. Indeed, the automation of repetitive tasks is the best way to reduce the pressure on staff and therefore improve their satisfaction. In addition, the use of SynMed technology offers up to 15 times the speed of blister card production and unparalleled accuracy. By reducing the time spent on manual filling, your staff can focus their energy on developing your pharmacy and building relationships with patients.

Producing blister cards

2. Securing Prescription Packaging​

According to Healthmart, pharmacies that fill 250+ prescriptions by hand each day make about 4 errors per day. With a SynMed system, once the containers are properly loaded, a robotic arm automatically selects and places the medications in the blister card at a rate of up to 45 or 90 cards per hour depending on the system used. With a SynMed XF, a single operator can produce 1,000 blister cards in a 40-hour week. Most importantly, the system is 99.98% accurate!

Producing blister cards

3. Non-Contact Packaging of Medicines

For fear of catching a virus, people think twice before taking their hands out of their pockets, or picking up a potentially contaminated object, such as a medicine vial. In this sense, automated pharmacy systems reduce the risks to a minimum. Especially when it comes to non-contact medicine packages such as multi-dose blister cards.

Producing blister cards

4. Improving Treatment Adherence Rates

Producing blister cards with a SynMed system, allows you to have blister cards:

  • Colour coded with each patient’s name printed in bold and large type;
  • Personalised with pictograms and images.

As a result, patients are more aware of what they are taking and when, which significantly improves compliance.


Note: One study shows a significant improvement in compliance, from 61% to 97% , in patients using blister cards.

Producing blister cards

5. Making Easier and Safer the Medications Takes

SynMed blister cards facilitate the preparation and dispensing of medications with multiple dose times; In the hands of health care providers, one card can replace up to 16 standard medicine vials. This allows for:

  • Time savings when dispensing medication in acute and long-term care facilities;
  • Safer method of administration. The risk of error is reduced as the packaging itself becomes a key compliance factor.

Producing blister cards

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